“Innovative ideas and perception of uncommon values are the end result of experience, independence of thought, intense interest, (the ability) to hear voices only faintly heard by others.” - Herman Liss

Why Manitou?


‘Clients-first’ is the number one priority at Manitou. Not simply because as owner-operators our reputations and success are on the line, but because that’s who we are as people and as professionals.


At Manitou, we think in terms of quality. And we believe that each person with whom we associate – colleague, business partner or client – becomes part of a special community that shares the same standards, the same commitment.


We believe that in the investment management business, a firm must be large enough to have the requisite resources for success, but not so large as to restrict its ability to deliver superior performance and client service. As a private firm, we control our growth, stay close to our clients and concentrate on what is most important – building and sustaining prosperity.


We operate our business with prudence, a long-term perspective and a deep sense of respect and obligation for the trust bestowed upon us.